It’s important that you understand Google photo policies and functionality of 360 google street view upload before adopting it for your company.

In our opinion the assessment of these options shows that Google does not have the best quality in its data collection.

For professional business purposes it’s necessary to have full control over your data. All the time.

With the 360 Private Player program you have the option to share your 360 footage only on your own server or privately in a cloud. You control who gets to see what.

The best feature of 360 Private Publisher is that it makes it easy to manage and then access your own 360 recordings. You only need a 360 camera and the 360 Private Publisher program to publish your own streetview player. Then to publish and access your 360 data with the included API. The many controls built into the 360 player create a new experience for your clients. And the most important thing is that you’ll never lose your content.