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The 3 URLs of a 360 player2022-11-29T13:37:14+01:00

The following 3 URLs are all for the same player.

Export -> Publish will get you get a URL like this:
Technically this is an Amazon AWS S3 bucket.

When adding a CDN (Content Delivery Network), in case of Amazon that would be CloudFront, you get:

Technically this is an Amazon AWS CloudFront instance.

You then can forward a subdomain to it:

Technically this is a subdomain.
With Amazon AWS, Route 53 makes most sense to manage the domain and subdomains.

Dou you have to add CloudFront or a subdomain?
Absolutely not. For most cases the player itself will by fine.

Considerations for CloudFront

  • Very large audience
  • Viewers all over the world (e.g. for tourism)
  • High bandwidth. For a high bandwidth CloudFront it is cheaper than just the player.

Considerations for a subdomain

  • Easier to remember
  • Easier to update the player without disruption.
    Publish a second player and switch the subdomain when done.
  • The underlaying technology can be changed without any changes to the viewer.
Release 1.0.122022-11-22T13:09:46+01:00

360 Private Publisher v1.0.12


  • Support for size 12288×6144 pixel streetviews of Mosaic cameras.

  • “License” moved to the main menu

  • “Help” moved to the main menu

  • Added “View Player” button to the Export page. To immediately view the created 360 player.

  • Preferences – Amazon Cloud: Table is now sortable


  • UI and UX improvements enhancement
Release 1.0.92022-10-31T10:50:11+01:00

360 Private Publisher v1.0.9


  • Mosaic X camera support.
  • Mosaic 51 camera support.
  • Import: Mass-import of many 360 video files at once. With a progress bar.
  • Import: A new recording now can be added directly to an existing project.


  • Streamline the User interface (UI)
  • Log: Clearer error message for when there is no disc space left.
  • Streetview capture date is no longer offset by one month
Release 1.0.82022-10-31T10:49:17+01:00

360 Private Publisher v1.0.8


  • Import: Insta360Stitcher program is no longer required to process “Insta360 Pro 2” and “Labpano Pilot One EE” footage
Release 1.0.72022-10-31T10:48:59+01:00

360 Private Publisher v1.0.7


  • An Error is not longer raised when embedding the Player directly.
Release 1.0.102022-10-31T11:03:45+01:00

360 Private Publisher v1.0.10


  • License tab is now accessible directly from the Menu
  • Export tab: Cleaned up.
  • Updated for proper product names
  • Updates manual for changes at Amazon AWS
  • User interface clean up
Release 1.0.62022-10-31T10:48:42+01:00

360 Private Publisher v1.0.6


  • Labpano Pilot One EE camera support
  • API examples: Screenshot and data
How can I download 360 Private Publisher after I have purchased it?2022-11-20T13:03:07+01:00

There is onyl one verison of 360 Private Publisher. 
You can continue using release downloaded ofr evaluation. Just enter the activation key.

However after you made your purchase, an email with the download links for the program and the manual will be sent to you immediately.
It also has the installation and activation instructions.

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