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I would like to purchase a 360camsters product for a developer of mine. How to do that?2022-09-13T15:27:18+01:00

Just start the purchasing process as usual on our website.
On the Checkout page tick Purchase for someone else and enter the developers business email address.

Purchase for someone else

Continue as usual.

This will happen:
1) You will get the invoice. In case it is a subscription you will be billed accordingly.
2) An account is created for the developer.
3) The developer receives an email describing how to log in, download 360 Private Publisher and register it with the licence you purchased for him.

Can I use my 360 Private Publisher license on different Workstations/PCs/Laptops at the same time?2022-11-19T08:50:26+01:00

A license is always for exactly one Workstation/PC/Laptop. It can not be reallocated.
Please contact if you need help.

I received a coupon code. How to use it?2022-09-11T12:22:51+01:00

Pick your product and purchase it as usual.
When entering or confirming your billing details there is a field at the top to claim the coupon code.

Coupon code

Do you offer a discount for Universities?2022-11-19T08:50:29+01:00

Yes we offer a discount for Universities.
Please contact

My Company has a VAT number, where can I add it when placing an order?2022-09-07T18:55:13+01:00
Can I pay in my local currency?2022-09-10T17:30:23+01:00

All payments are in Euro only.
Usually they are converted to local currency when applying to your bank account.

We like to purchase a license. However, our company policy does not allow for online purchases.2022-09-10T17:21:56+01:00

For an offline purchase please write to:

Can I pay with a credit card?2022-09-10T17:21:35+01:00

Yes. Of course you can pay by Credit Card.

What is the difference between the 30-day license and the monthly subscription?2022-09-10T17:43:16+01:00
What is the difference between the 1-year license and the annual subscription?2022-09-10T17:42:52+01:00
Can I cancel my subscription at any time?2022-09-11T02:33:58+01:00
Will my subscription renew automatically?2022-09-11T02:33:24+01:00

Yes. All subscriptions renew automatically. Either monthly or annually.

This page has all the info for your accounts subscriptions:

Can I upgrade my subscription from Personal to Professional edition?2022-11-19T08:45:29+01:00

Yes. You can upgrade from the Personal to the Professional edition.

This page has all the info for your accounts subscriptions:

My subscription was renewed, but I don’t want it anymore. Can I get a refund?2022-11-19T08:48:17+01:00

All sales are final. No refunds. Sorry.

I don’t want my subscription to renew. What should I do?2022-11-19T08:44:49+01:00

Cancel your subscription to stop it from renewing when due.

This page has all the info for your accounts subscriptions:

Where can I manage my 360camsters subscription?2022-11-19T08:44:37+01:00

This page has all the info for your accounts subscriptions:

How can I download 360 Private Publisher after I have purchased it?2022-11-20T13:03:07+01:00

There is onyl one verison of 360 Private Publisher. 
You can continue using release downloaded ofr evaluation. Just enter the activation key.

However after you made your purchase, an email with the download links for the program and the manual will be sent to you immediately.
It also has the installation and activation instructions.

Where can I manage all my licenses?2022-11-19T08:41:38+01:00

This page has all the info for your account:
Including all your purchases and subscriptions.

For more FAQs see the Knowledge Base.

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