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Mobile Mapping Mosaic 51

360camsters supports
Mosaic 51 robust 360° cameras


Turn your 360 camera recordings into a tailored 360 player.

Open this player full-size in a new window. Check out that bridge.

Easily visualize your 360 recordings on a map. Adjust.
Map tab
Export the street view player. Publish as you like.
Export tab

Mobile Mapping

We provide the software to turn your 360 recordings into data accessible on any PC.

Either as an embedded or standalone player, or fully integrated into your website, and controlled by the API.

  • Mosaic51 Prague
  • ESRI World Imagery as map
  • Kuwait Arabic
  • Urban jungle
  • API Timeline
  • Map on top streetview at the bottom
  • Streetview on top map at the bottom
  • Large streetview small map
  • Large map small streetview 1
  • Streetview only for the API

Plenty of Layouts!

The players can be set up by configuring:

See the Knowledge Base, the manual or the program for the details.

100% Privacy

There is no need to share your recordings with the public.

All data processing is local, on your own PC. You are 100% in charge of publishing the data. E.g. to your own servers or your on-premise cloud.

Optionally the one-click-publisher enables you to upload to the Amazon cloud with with just a single mouse click. Still no need to share with the public.

Hurricane Ian Fort Myers Beach Florida USA
  • Player Preview
  • Player Preferences

Tailored player!

Get an immediate preview of the 360 player with the map, the streetviews and the user interface elements.
No need for lengthy processing or even publishing. Just go back and forth between Preferences and Preview until the player looks just right.

Integration by API

Already got an application or website?

360 Private Publisher’s player integrates nicely thanks to its API.
Making it the perfect tool to get the most out of your 360 recordings.

API features

  • Open the player to view any Lat/Lon pair provided.
  • Add any asset to the player.
  • Take a screenshot. (After pan/tilt/zoom).
  • Switch between many timelines.
  • Get all the meta-data from a streetview.
API screenshot 01
API screenshot 02
Working API examples
Mosaic51 MosaicX Mosaic 51 Mosaic X Insta360 Pro 2 Labpano Pilot One EE FLIR Ladybug 5+

Supported 360 cameras

360 Private Publisher supports many different 360 cameras. You even can combine footage recorded by different brand 360 cameras into the same project and player.
Give it a try!
For a supported data format your camera might work, even when not yet listed.

Supported Cameras
Mosaic X
Mosaic 51
Insta360 Pro 2
Labpano Pilot One EE
FLIR Ladybug 5+

Supported Services

Supported Data Formats

If your camera isn’t supported yet, send us an example 360 mp4 file or folder of panoramic jpg files, and we’ll add it – completely free of charge.

Add my camera
Both 360 mp4 and jpg files are supported data formats for import.
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Pick one of the many map providers included, or bring your own map.

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Duplicate Remover

Did you record a road more than once? It looks bad? Let’s fix that.

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Record the same area more than once, then compare it in the player.

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Player Translation

Klingon or Kisuaheli? Just translate the player by yourself.


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Recommended by camera manufacturer

Mosaic 51 Mosaic X

Players created by customers

Fort Myers Beach Florida USA Hurricane Ian 2022

360 Private Publisher

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