360 Private Publisher
All-in-One Software Suite

Convert your 360-recordings into a 360 panorama player.

Publish important 360° Camera Records to a Private Server or Cloud!

Your Data-Protection is the most important when it comes to publishing of 360 ° Images, therefore it is our highest claim to provide 100% guaranteed safety & privacy for your data. Share your access from your street views via Link if needed in a practical way to improve work process in your company.

Reduce Supersized Video & Image Files by 80%!

360camsters is build to process your data in an economic way to provide time & cost effectiveness. Record maximum e.g. videos at 30 fps or freeze images at 1m distance. Synchronize your street view images at the same time while recording & save the time by getting more of your 360 Images!

Enjoy a fully Customized Player tailored to your Needs & Industry!

Tailored to personal requirements you can choose from many options to find the best solution for your individual project & your chosen 360 degree camera. Find the perfect Design from different map types, type of data saving and many layouts, a customized 360° camera software for the special needs of your industry!

Choose from 990+ Adjustment Options & Publish 100% Data-Protected

Sourcing the right functions for your business can be difficult, we adjust the player perfectly for your requirement using the newly integrated Mapillary map system.

Functions like: Before after Timeline of 360 Images, Asset Visualisation, Best Record & Saving Settings+ making the best of your work with 360 Camera records & images.

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Discover 360camsters™ Usability for Individual Demands of Your Industry:

Customize with 360camsters the perfect player for your personal Needs & your 360 Image Requirements. No matter what industry approach you require, we create 360 software image solutions for streetview, real estate, infra structure, urban planing, public safety, automotive, construction, maritime, marinas, railway lines and more all around the world.

Due to the effectiveness & usability of the software it is made for a mass production of 360 degree pictures without any limitations in your records for all 360 degree camerasystems: Insta360 Pro , FLIR Ladybug 5+, HERE and many more.

  • Consulting

    Not sure what it needs to get your project done?

    We have experience with a wide range of projects and are ready to advise you in any phase ouf your project.

    Get professional advise.

  • Customisation

    You like what you see?

    But there a few things that need to be changed to fit perfectly?
    A few features to be added?

    We do that all the time.

  • Integration

    You already have a system?
    Most do. Integrating a new , unknow part can be tricky. But we most like have done this or something very similar before.

    Have an experienced professional do it.

  • Data Handling

    Would you like to outsource parts of your workflow?

    Planning, recording, re-recording, data collection, data handling, processing, publishing? Updates?

    We are standing by to step in.

360 Private Publisher

  • What cameras are supported?

    ✔ Insta360 Pro 2

    ✔ FLIR Ladybug 5+

    ✔ HERE

    ✔ Support for additional cameras is available uppon request.

  • What data sources are supported?

    ✔ Mapillary.com

    ✔ Equirectangular

    ✔ Support for additional data formats is available uppon request.

  • What makes the 360 Private Publisher special?

    The 360 Private Publisher is designed to publish your 360 data privately, to your own servers, or your own cloud account.

    It has been developped to process the really the large amounts of data commercial 360 projects are know for.

    The resulting player has been designed to handle several million streetviews in a single project.

    The 360 Private Publisher is designed for professional and enterprise customers.

  • What is the Street View Publisher capable of?

    360 Private Publisher is made to first help you to organise your 360 recordings. Then to privately publish millions of street views.

    The resulting private palyer then can be queried in many ways, e.g. by Latitude and Longitude. Or via a street address.

    The player also has a javascript API. This means you can integrate it tightly into you existing website. Even show two players side by side. T browse synchonised. Or have a player and a custom map.

  • Do I have to publish my street views?

    360 Private Publisher keeps your data private. You decvide how to publish. E.g. to your own server or non-public cloud account.

    Data protection is important to us, so we leave it open to our customers with whom, when and where they share their data.

  • What else does 360 Private Publisher?

    ✔ Organise your 360 data into projects, tours and streetviews.
    ✔ Atomatically and manually activate and deactivate streetviews.
    ✔ Create timelines.
    ✔ Adjust the players layout and user interface, background maps (incl. aerials), add a translation by yourself.