Using 360 recordings to document a construction site is an easy choice. Recording 360 footage nowadays is easy and cheap. You should share your recordings immediately with your subcontractors. Who then are aware that their work is monitored closely, and the evidence is preserved. Who knows what goes wrong when? Having the option to look back in time is a good thing. Did we mention 360 Private Publisher supports the creation of timelines? And the player can take partial screenshots?

In any case, having a 360 player is an interesting way to have a close look, without actually having to travel to the construction site. It’s also worth remembering that 360 cameras are quite small in size nowadays, meaning they’re easy to carry around with you wherever you go. A bulky tripod is not needed anymore.

With the 360 Private Player program you have the option to privately share your 360 footage on your own server or in a cloud. Not making it public. You control who gets to see what.

The best feature of 360 Private Publisher is that it makes it easy to manage, publish and access your own 360 recordings. The rich features built into the 360 Private Publisher create a new experience for your clients. And the most important thing is that you’ll never lose your 360 recordings.