When it comes to publishing your 360 recordings you most often do not want to publish to the public.
For business purposes keeping your 360 player private is most often the key point.
You control who gets to see what.


Finding a suitable upload solution for your company can be difficult. For this our 360 Private Publisher program provides an easy One-Click Publishing Button.

Publish your 360 Business Images to a Private Server or Cloud

First you import your recorded 360 footage from a supported camera. E.g. insta360 Pro 2, LadyBug 5+, or footage from HERE or just equirectangular panoramas with EXIF metadata.

Process the data into a beautiful 360 player and review it locally in 360 Private Publisher.


Handle your 360 photos & videos using 360 cameras ( insta360 Pro 2,HERE,LadyBug & more) with an integrated private player to share your content only inside your company.


360 Private Publisher is made for company purposes such as 360 architectural projects, railway, mining, urban, electricity networks, public safety & state authorities.


Our highest claim is to provide the safety that you need for your 360 camera content & projects.

Data never leaves your office & your jurisdiction.