The following 3 URLs are all for the same player.

Export -> Publish will get you get a URL like this:
Technically this is an Amazon AWS S3 bucket.

When adding a CDN (Content Delivery Network), in case of Amazon that would be CloudFront, you get:

Technically this is an Amazon AWS CloudFront instance.

You then can forward a subdomain to it:

Technically this is a subdomain.
With Amazon AWS, Route 53 makes most sense to manage the domain and subdomains.

Dou you have to add CloudFront or a subdomain?
Absolutely not. For most cases the player itself will by fine.

Considerations for CloudFront

  • Very large audience
  • Viewers all over the world (e.g. for tourism)
  • High bandwidth. For a high bandwidth CloudFront it is cheaper than just the player.

Considerations for a subdomain

  • Easier to remember
  • Easier to update the player without disruption.
    Publish a second player and switch the subdomain when done.
  • The underlaying technology can be changed without any changes to the viewer.