Right. For the Evaluation version all options of the Professional Edition are available to you.


  • There are many opaque DEMO watermarks on the streetviews.
    You need to re-process your data again with a purchased version to get streetview-tiles without.
    Then republish the player to replace the streetview-tiles.
  • There is a DEMO watermark in the middle of the player.
    You need to enter your own krpano player licence into a purchased version of 360 Private Publisher.
    Then republish the player to remove it.
  • The krpano player licence is 360camsters and can not be changed.
    With a purchased version you can enter your own licence info.
  • Amazon AWS cloud regions are limited to the Frankfurt region.
    With a purchased version all AWS regions are available to you.
  • All players published by the Evaluation version will be deleted after 4 weeks.
    You need to re-upload your player to your own AWS account after purchasing a licence.