In case you do not have your own 360 recordings yet, give our test data a try.

Insta360 Pro 2

Right-click to download this 360 video file (4.4 GB):

Labpano Pilot One EE

Right-click to download this 360 video file, (1.48 GB):

FLIR Ladybug 5+

FLIR-Ladybug, 186 MB.


HERE-onramp, 541 MB.


Usually this is a folder of equirectangualr .jpg files with EXIF metadata.
It should work no matter what camera you used for recording.

Some example data, with a 8192x 4096 pixel resolution:
Industrial Estate - 5m, 400 MB.
Industrial Estate, 1.9 GB.
Downtown, 30,9 GB.


360 Private Publisher

360 Private Publisher Free
English language manual


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