Our 360 Commerical & Industry Software Solutions

We focus on enterprise solutions for commercial use. Therefore our software can handle and process large amounts of data. We will show you relevant industriy examples below.

Tailored for special Needs of 360 Player & Hosting Settings

By creating a fully customized 360 Image Software for Construction, Street View, Railway Infrastructure & different field of industry - We ensure to get the best of your work planing with your 360 Recordings + 100 % Data-Protection

360 Camera Software Consulting for insta360pro2, HERE, Ladybug & many more!

public safety street view

Architecture & Civil Engineering

We provide you an optimized Street view publisher & Player individual made for your architecture or civil engineering project. Host your 360 degree images for mass production privately on your own server or Cloud.


Railway Infrastructure

Planing railway infrastructure needs long distance 360° camera records & needs huge amount of data. 360camsters is build to process to your data in an ecomnomic way to get an optimum of your work with 360° images.


Mining Projects

From your experience with providing individual tailored 360 degree camera solutions for mining companies like Rio Tinto, we create the perfect software solution for 360 Image publishing in the mining field.


Publiy Safety & State Authorities

Finding the best solution for safety of your data is our highest claim. The software is made to publish any images from 360 degree cameras on your own server or Cloud. We provide support for insta360pro2, FLIR Ladybug 5+, HERE and many more.


Electricity networks & Fiber optics

Managing the networks of electricity & fiber optics infrastructure can be a challenge. 360camsters is made for commercial use when it comes to 360 degree images processing by providing the best industry software solution.