Create a player for your ship operation with our software. We can put all the pictures together for you. We can handle the large amounts of data in order to process them afterwards.

marine street view

Marine project with 360 degree view

Have you already made recordings or do you plan to do so in the near future? Then you are exactly right here. We make it possible for you to combine all images into one player with our software.


    It's not that easy to create an image of a coast. With a 360 degree camera and our software, however, this is possible. Create a detailed overview using the GPS data and the photos obtained. It works just like it does on the road.


    The advantage of our software lies in the possibility of using many different formats from different cameras. Furthermore, you can decide whether you want to publish the created results or share them privately with our player. The data protection of our customers is particularly important.


    Since the recording of a coast evaluates a particularly large number of files at once and millions of image files are created, our software is particularly well suited. Because we specialize in enterprise customers and can respond to individual requests.

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