This player has been developed for the professional business user and with very large projects in mind.
It can easily handle state- or country-sized projects with millions of streetviews.

100% Privacy

For sensitive projects and government agencies.
Your data never leaves your office, building, network or jurisdiction.
Also no external data (e.g. maps, fonts, frameworks) is needed.

Even the player, incl. the streetviews and the map, works an e.g. a laptop, tablet or phone without any internet connection at all.


Install the program to your Windows 10 PC or Windows Server in your office.
Use an offline basemap to not leak to the map provider what area is accessed by what IP. (E.g. borders or sensitive installations).


Upload the player and the data to your own server in your office, building, company, network or jurisdiction,  The player works without any connection to the internet.

Default Installation

What satisfies most users.
Pick from the many different ways to run the program and to publish the players. Any combination is possible.



Install the program to your Windows 10 PC or Windows Server in your office.

Or a Windows instance in a cloud to run the program by RDC (Remote Desktop Connection) or even by Anydesk or Teamviewer.

For the basemap one of the 30 provided map providers (incl. aerial images) is most often sufficient.
Or you can use your own map-tiles on the PC or a server (via a path) or by URL or IP, either to a local resource or the internet.
Last but not least Mapbox.com is supported.


The program has a build-in one-click publishing feature for the Amazon AWS cloud. Alternatively you can publish to Microsoft Azure or Google clouds.
Or any webserver. Windows or Linux, dedicated or shared.
Or even a Windows PC with a 3-rd party server installed.


  • English, Spanish, Germany, Arabic, Greek 
  • Additionally you can enter your own translations for any language.


Search with geolocation is provided by default.

Asset Visualisation

Open the player by a URL with a Latitude and Longitude.
Optional Altitude, Timeline, Label.


  • 30 map provider to pick from.
  • Custom maps
  • Mapbox.com

Need help? - Just ask!