Discover 360° Images for Railway Infrastructure

360camsters is the 360° camera software for known systems like insta360pro providing the best industry solution for commercial use in railway projects.

Planing a new railway and need to process a lot of data for your railway approach? - Record your 360 images with any camera & upload your data from 360 degree camera to your own server or cloud. Your requirement is our solution, find the right player and asset visualisation to improve your work with us.

All-In-One Software 360° Camera Records & Consulting for your Railway Project

Create a 360 degree image of your railway, host it on your private Server and play them with our player. With our player, the recordings can be kept private.


    You want to create a map of specific railways or railway station with the best possible map? Then 360camsters is the right software.
    Use a 360 degree camera such as insta360pro2 on the car or train and then convert the images obtained in our software so that they can be played in your prefered cusomized best possible way.


    The advantage of our software over others is that we are geared towards enterprise customers. The software can handle particularly large amounts of data of several million images and output them in a personal customized player tailored to your requirement.


    A special feature when it comes to creating railway views with the train is that we can use any standard photo format. In addition to new data, you can also use older photos to fullfill your railway view.

    Featured Cameras for 360 Railway Recordings: insta360pro2, Ladybug, HERE

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