360° Camera Software for Mining Projects

To overview mining processes its is important to get an surcey particualary from the current situation. With 360camsters you can create a fully, for your needs customized time line overview for your mining project.

Get your 360° Image Time line for your Mining Project!

From our experience with Rio Tinto we find the best solution to provide an optimized Software for your 360 degree Images.

Especially for mining there are special needs to overview the project.

+Features: Timeline Options, Before & After, Gps, Different Map Options, Private Hosting,


    For the planning of mining projects, a lot of data about the local conditions is often required in advance. For example, if you want to timeline your mining project, you should take a look at the local conditions in advance.


    Knowing in advance what obstacles could arise can speed up a construction project. It can also be used for documentation to create a before and after picture.

    +Featured Cameras for your 360 Image Publish: insta360pro, HERE, Ladybug & many more


    For such projects, 360camsters offers a good basis, since the data can be kept privately and is particularly suitable for projects with a lot of data to process & offers customization for publishing as well as handling your data.

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