Player API

The players API enables you to embed the player as an iframe into your own html page.
Then control it from the html page.

360 Private Publisher automatically generates a "player2/examples" folder for each of your projects.
All examples below, working with your own data.

For your own development, download the Javascript API examples.
We are available to support your development.

API examples player map

API map example

Use your own custom map together with the streetview player.

Your map can be by Leaflet, Openlayers or even the Google map. Or any other map framework.

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API examples player timeline

API timeline exmaple

Switch between many timelines to document change.

This also can be done with just the player, without the API.

Combine timeline e.g. with the data example to document change.

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API asset example

Already have a number of georeferenced assets?

Open the player by Latitude and Longitude!

Just record the whole area and have the player figure out what streetview to open to view it. Add a label to show what the viewer is seeing.

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API example player data

API data example

Do you need to know the what when and where of the streetview?

Lets have a look!
When combined with the sceenshot exmaple you habe everything there is!

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API screenshot example

Need to capture a screenshot for a pdf, documentor or form?

Especially mighty when combined with the data exmaple.

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