360° Camera Software for Electricity Networks & Fiber Optics

Need a software to publish & handle your 360° camera data 100% private and adjusted to your special need?

360camsters is made to publish your 360° Image data on a private Server with the player just made for your requirement.

Get your 360° Image project 100% Data-Protected: A Customized Setting for your Industry Needs!

From our experience working with electricity networks & fiber optics comapanies we find the best solution to provide an optimized Software for your 360 degree Images.

Especially in Electricity Networks there are special needs to handle & publish your data on a private Server.

+Features: Timeline Options, Before & After, Gps, Different Map Options, Private Hosting


    For the planing of construction projects with 360 degree images in commercial use, a lot of data is often required in advance. For example, if you want to find out about street conditions, you should take a look at the local conditions in ahead of time.


    Knowing in advance what obstacles could arise can speed up a construction project. It can also be used for documentation to create a before and after picture.


    For such projects, 360camsters offers a good basis, since the data can be kept privately and is particularly suitable for projects with a lot of data to process.

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