360 Private Publisher workflow

For original footage of Mosaic 51 and Mosaic X cameras

Starting point is at least one “reels” folder from your Mosaic camera.
Or just download the provided example footage.

Mistika VR

In case you already have an activated Mistika VR installation, skip to 360 Private Publisher.

To process your footage it needs the Mistika VR program.

All Mosaic customers get a coupon that reduces the price of the
Mistika VR Professional Edition. 90 day license. Mosaic 51 Special Promotion
to 0 Euro. Meaning you get 3 months for free. No credit card needed.
More info:


Alternatively you could just purchase any of the many subscription or one-time licences.
Starting at 49 Euro/month:

The Evaluation version will not work.

We assume you used your coupon pr purchased a subscription or one-time license.
You now have an activation code.

Log into your new account. Then download Mistika VR for Windows:


Just install Mistika VR. Do not launch it.

On your Desktop open the SGO activation tool.
Log in with your SGO account data.

Enter your activation code.
Activate it.
Close the
SGO activation tool.

The setup of Mistika VR is finished.

360 Private Publisher

Set Up
(To be done once only.)

Download and install to Windows 10 or 11.

Register it by filling in the form that pop up. It now works for free for one week.

When purchasing a Mosaic camera you get a free 360 Private Publisher activation code. Valid for a week.
You can enter it in Menu: License-> Add activation key.
Subscriptions as well as 30-day an 1-year licences are available at https://www.360camsters.com/360-private-publisher-plans/


Import the Mosaic reels folder.
The folder should have these files: 6x mp4 , 2x gpx, 1x csv and 1x json.
Set the .gpr file. (You received it with your camera).

After the import is done you will see the Tours page. Open the Map page to see your recordings on a map.
Work your data. E.g. remove duplicates. Remove excessive footage with Menu: Tools-Skip.

Preview the player and customize the player to your liking.


View the 360 player (Export-> “View Player” button) right away.
Upload the 360 player to your server, or upload to the cloud with the bild-in “one-click publisher”.